• almost 75,000 spare parts

    ready for immediate supply

  • Spare parts

    for refuse collection vehicles

  • and Spare parts

    for road sweepers

A comprehensive range!

Spare parts for refuse collection vehicles

press plates

guide plates

hopper plates

swinging arms

angle sensors


stop buttons



solenoid valves

directional valves

electromagnetic couplings


bearing blocks


roller bearings

filter elements (metal)

hydraulic cylinders



Spare parts for road sweepers

suction hoses

blow hoses

hose clips


rubber aprons

deflector rubbers


rubber side apron

solenoid valves


hydraulic motors

gas struts

brush shafts

pneumatic cylinders



blower housings

gear pumps

tension springs

suction shafts

Safe, clean and simple

Multi-way connections, couplings and joints

Quick, good and clean connections – Effortlessly and without losing oil! 

Quick-couplings, connections and multi-way connections from CEJN: “High quality & innovative“! CEJN – The Global Connect Specialist!

Quickly and simply change grippers, pliers, special attachments, sorting grapples and many more. Save time, staff and the hassle of contaminated substrate and the loss of hydraulic oil.

There are many possible application fields:  

Quick change of hydraulic attachment tools and accessories, for example on:

  • waste disposal vehicles
  • wheel loaders, compact loaders
  • hydraulic excavators,
    material handling machines,
    loading machines
  • construction cranes
  • road sweepers
  • snow and ice
  • clearance machines

Main features:

  • double flashing light
  • 9 High Power
    Osram Oslon 3W LEDs
  • EMC approved (ECE Reg. 10)
  • voltage 10 to 30 V DC
  • meets the IP67
  • international safety standard
  • life-time sealing against
    the ingress of dust and moisture
  • very low power consumption
    (max. 1.5A at 13.8V / 0.8A at 24V)
  • reliable operation at extreme
    temperatures (-30°C to +50°C)
  • 2 year warranty

All-round safety –

LED R65 warning beacons

LAP has combined the latest LED technology with advanced optics to produce the unique “LED R65“ warning beacon (certified in accordance with ECER65). 

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, the high-power LEDs give you a bright 360-degree flashing pattern and guarantee maximum visibility.


The right solution for every job

HELLA work lights offer an entry-level introduction to LED technology and present a good solution when converting from halogen to LED.

LED work lights provide significantly improved illumination compared to halogen work lights. The considerably higher colour temperature of 6,000° Kelvin is very similar to daylight, which means that colours are easier to distinguish in the dark and so prevent rapid eye fatigue when working at night. HELLA LED work lights are fully maintenance-free and provide a considerably longer service life than that of a halogen headlight bulb.

Main features:

  • Housing: square, round
  • Lens: polycarbonate
  • Technology: high-performance LED
  • 6,000° Kelvin
  • IP6K9K
  • WBZ: HD Erwitte
  • R23 certification

Main features:

  • absolutely lightweight
  • attractive design
  • compact design
    and smallest dimensions
  • Daylight-like light color
  • there are two light distributions
    to disposal


Safety via advanced LED technology

Most modern LED technology will convince you!

More light with less power consumption and longer service life compared to conventional halogen or xenon lamps. Our partner Grote offers lighting solutions for your waste disposal vehicles and equipment.

Linnig pneumatic couplings

Innovations and products for safety and economy

Pneumatic couplings switch high-pressure and suction pumps z. B. in sewer cleaning vehicles

They are lightweight, slim and sturdy. Switching can be fast, or slowly ramping up over a period of several seconds. Even under the harshest conditions, such as In the waste management industry or in hard continuous operation in sweeper applications, LINNIG couplings work safely and smoothly! Road dust, road salt, rainwater and high ambient temperatures are reliably absorbed by the clutches for auxiliary equipment.

The workshop staff is happy!
Easy installation of the coupling with standard tools. Service kit from LINNIG with tool set at an attractive price.

Main features:

  • slim and sturdy,
    easy to wait
  • fast or slow
    high gear shifting
  • no backlash and in the
    switched off state
  • no residual torque
  • available as wave
    or pulley coupling
  • flying sparks are avoided
  • gentle start up
    by special friction linings
  • often used as a clutch
    for blowers and pumps

Environmentally aware

In the vacuum process the pump uses only water and therefore all that is released into the atmosphere is  just steam. Nor is any oil needed to lubricate the rotor, so there is no pollution of the environment from oil vapour.

Areas of use

  • mobile sludge vacuums
  • combined vacuum
    and jetting vehicles

Fast – simple and reliable

Samson vacuum pumps, accessories
and spares for vacuum and jetting vehicles

Samson liquid ring vacuum / compressor pumps are simple and very robust constructions. 

The pump itself consists of a cylindrical housing with an eccentrically mounted rotor. When the pump starts up, the water inside the lower pump chamber gets spun outwards against the housing and thus seals the vanes. The pump then works by the principle of positive displacement. A feature of liquid ring pumps is excellent suction. Samson liquid ring pumps are ATEX approved and require no additional fire protection devices or oil traps.

By virtue of their very low sound level the pumps are ideal for inner city use, as noise irritation is reduced to a minimum.

Added safety on the road –

The Telma retarder range at Paul Wiegand

Around the world the Telma brand name stands for electromagnetic retarders of absolute top quality. 

Telma retarders are designed in such a way that they efficiently relieve the burden on a vehicle’s main brakes and thus minimise brake wear. The vehicles in which they are used range from vans of 3.5 tons and above all the way up to large vehicles such as truckmounted cranes and low-loaders.

The benefits of Telma
retarders at a glance:

  • increased safety by taking
    over most of the braking process
  • reduced costs as a result
    of main brakes lasting longer
  • better for the environment as they work
    without creating friction or emissions
  • increased driving comfort
  • produced by smooth deceleration
    and automatic control
  • lasting reliability thanks to
    robust design principles
  • maximum cost efficiency by virtue
    of short amortisation periods

Hardox is:

  • extraordinarily hard
  • easy to work,
    e.g. to bend and weld
  • available in 6 grades
    of hardness tailored
    to the intended use

always that bit harder!

Wear plates made to measure from Hardox steel

Hardox steel is always the right choice whenever you’re looking for extreme robustness, high load capacity and great resistance to wear!

Tough but easy to work with …
The plates get their extraordinary hardness from quenching in water. This method achieves an ideal degree of hardness despite the plates having a low alloy content. And despite being so hard, the plates are nevertheless easy to bend and to weld.

How Hardox helps you increase load capacity …
Hardox steel is no lighter than conventional raw steel, but it is appreciably harder. It is therefore possible to use thinner plates. You thus save noticeably on weight and increase the load capacity of your vehicles.

Make Hardox your choice too!
Ask us about it today! Make use of the wealth of experience and expert knowledge of our applications engineers and put your faith, like many others, in a partner with 40 years of experience and a global market presence.

All safely in view –

Camera system solutions from Paul Wiegand

Out on the road, safety has top priority. 

That is especially the case for the waste disposal industry. Due to their size, technical features and type of use, waste disposal vehicles are difficult to manoeuvre and do not give the driver a particularly good view to the rear. By using camera systems from Paul Wiegand, refuse truck drivers now have every situation safely under control – and everything always in view.

Simple to fit or upgrade …
The camera and monitor systems provided by Paul Wiegand can be easily installed in any vehicle – selected to suit the relevant vehicle type. Whether for first-time fitting or for retrofitting in older vehicles, we have the right system for every job.

Working safely …

  • optimum monitoring
    of space behind the vehicle
  • safe checking of the refuse
    compartment and pivot areas
  • improved observation of the
    entire space around the vehicle
  • adherence to statutory guidelines

You benefit in several ways from:

  • Over 15 years of experience in the field of special cylinder construction
  • An all-in-one solution
  • An optimal price / performance ratio
  • Top personal technical assistance by professionals for professionals
  • Short production and delivery times
  • An effective service network

custom-built parts

Paul Wiegand GmbH – Your specialist for custom-built parts

Hydraulics systems and their components are lynchpins and pivotal points in modern waste disposal vehicles. Without them almost nothing works – with them everything moves. Paul Wiegand offers a broad range of all popular hydraulics components for waste disposal vehicles, immediately available direct from stock.

In the area of bespoke products and special solutions we at Paul Wiegand offer a comprehensive range of services. At the core of everything we do here: maximum quality and extreme customer focus. From the first step to the last, customers are fully involved in the development of their products and can rely on their instructions being carried out to a tee. Modern production techniques, high quality materials and perfect process workflows thus result in a product quality that is impressive in use and able to withstand every challenge.

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